Cameras through my ages - Photos by Pull Quote Crtive

Here is a little story of how I became to love a camera… At first it was technology that fascinated me. I was my family’s recording camera-man, back when the record camera would take VMH tapes and had to be cary on the shoulder. One time I had to tape my aunt’s wedding, she didn’t want to miss any thing and she had me recorded, I’m not kidding, eight one-hour tapes. From there the liking of imaging and memories started to grow on me.

Once in seventh grade, one of the popular girls brought a digital camera to the classroom. This was the beginning of the digital era and the camera wasn’t much but the tiny one inch LDC display had everyone in awe. I was really astonished, I simply had to have one. I wanted a camera so bad that when we would go out shopping, we would come by any technology kiosk, I would stop on my tracks, take a breathe and start geeking over cameras. I finally lay my eyes on one, it was simple: a point-and-shoot camera that cost $200. At that time we didn’t had the money. I was disappointed and I just wanted a camera. Once we united back to my dad’s I thought that with the extra money, my parents would be able to afford it. I settle on a pen-cam, which was a fraud, how naive I was to give into the cleaver advertising of a toy. I was flashed with ‘The best camera out there,’ ‘clear image,’ ‘one megapixel!’

I gave in, I wanted my dad to buy me that camera at that instant, because it was $20 and I promised him that I didn’t want anything for the rest of the year, nor my b-day or Christmas. The pen got my in trouble in school, and after a week it broke. I was 13 and my hopes and dreams of becoming America’s Next Top Photographer were shattered.

Years passed and I was able to save up to buy another toy camera, I think it had a ninja turtle theme. With that little camera I was able to shoot my first weeding. Actually it was another aunt wedding and they didn’t had a photographer, relatives wanted to take pictures with the newly wed couple, so I did. This was before camera phones were as powerful as they are. Right after I took everyone’s photo, I went to develop them on one of the instant kiosk printers. I sold every picture at a high price, at that moment I was rich, until I had to pay back my mom, so with the little money saved I was able to buy a camera/recording hybrid which took better quality pictures.

It is funny to think about all the phases I have been through to get where I am. I didn’t buy a DLSR until one year before college, it was a Canon Revel, which gave me senior portraits, weddings, quinceaneras and a good run for the sale price that I paid.

Now that is a great deal of trouble to get here, but I do not regret every crappy picture that I took, not even every attempt to be creative with the tools I was given. I appreciate all the time I have taken to better my skills. And I am grateful of my family that has supported me though this artistic career as a hungry artist, because they were the ones who bough my prints, and who took a look at my pictures and believe they were some how good.

Now I have years of experience and everything I wish for, a top-of-the-line DSLR, beautiful lenses and many clients that take a risk on me because I am still a green horse compared to the photographers in town.

Thank you for sticking around.

Here is a list of the cameras I have acquire over the years:

»Pen-Cam— 3 weeks

»Ninja Turtle Camera — 3 months

»Aiptek Video Camera —Less than 9 months

»Kodak Zoom Camera —2 years

»Canon Revel—4 years

»Canon Vixia Recording Camera —3 years

»Canon EOS 7D (Current) —1 year and going

Photos by Pull Quote Crtive

+ About Me

It has been almost a year since I move to Colorado Springs and I love it so much. The people are amazing, some of the best I’ve met throughout the few state lines I have crossed.

I’d like to imagine I would have everything figured out by now, but I have no idea what am I doing. I haven’t set up shop or give out my business cards to my friends or anyone. My photography business has been put into the closet and made room for my fancy new graphic designer job. In an effort to merge the both of those love affairs I will have to change some things around here.

Photography fills a great space in my heart and I would like to show it to more people. This year I’m going to focus on photographing the real people of this city and I love nothing more than document the kindness this place offers. Pikes Peak offers amazing trails and views, Red Rock Canyon is my favorite place to clear my mind. Colorado Springs Downtown has the most amazing backdrop for portraits and can’t get enough of all the hangout spots.

Currently I’m working on setting type and photos for the Apartments ETC’s book Apartment Rental Magazine. Oh boy I made some changes, creating an eye catching cover and useful mainstream layout for each page of the directory. And even changed the logo and identity of the company.

One last thing I’ll put a lot more work and effort is on my social media presence and producing more portfolio ready designs. I would like to do more typography and lettering.

This is what I have for 2018.

—Jesus Lozoya
Photographer and Creative (in the making)

+ Motto

Photography is an amazing way to tell a story. And having a super cool camera, I like to help my friends to capture the story of their special day.
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