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Photos by Pull Quote Crtive

Life in the city, challenges, people

+ It has been almost three years since I move to Colorado Springs and I love it so much. The people are amazing, some of the best I’ve met throughout the few state lines I have crossed. I’d like to imagine I would have everything figured out by now, but I have no idea what am I doing. I haven’t set up a shop or give out my business cards to my friends or anyone.

My photography business has been put in the closet and made room for my fancy new graphic designer job. In an effort to merge both of those love affairs I will have to change some things around here. Photography fills a great space in my heart and I would like to show it to more people.

This year I’m going to focus on photographing the real people of this city and I love nothing more than document the kindness this place offers. Pikes Peak offers amazing trails and views, Red Rock Canyon is my favorite place to clear my mind.

Colorado Springs Downtown has the most amazing backdrop for portraits and can’t get enough of all the hangout spots. Currently, I’m working on setting type and photos for the Apartments ETC’s book Apartment Rental Magazine. Oh boy, I made some changes, creating an eye-catching cover and useful mainstream layout for each page of the directory. And even changed the logo and identity of the company.

One last thing I’ll put a lot more work and effort is in my social media presence and producing more portfolio ready designs. I would like to do more typography and lettering. This is what I have for 2020. ×

—Jesus Lozoya


Art Director

+ Photography is to see the magic in every day and make it extraordinary to share it with the world.
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